Monuments and Markers

We at Woodhead Memorials would love the opportunity to assist you with your memorial selection.
Below are some of the  monument colors and designs that are available.  Or you can begin designing your own on IdeaBook!    
If you have questions or are ready to begin your personalized design, please contact us at (859) 654-3306. 

Black monuments

Color:  China Black                     Names:  Etched                    Dates:  Frosted                   Images:  Laser Etched                 Scripture:  Laser Etched


Color:  American Black             Last Name (Front): Polished Raised Letters          First Names & Dates (Front):  Carved Letters         Vases:  Personal Pictures Carved
                                                             Last Name (Back):  Polished Letters                        Names & Flowers (Back):  Carved

Color:  India Black             All Lettering:  Frosted Outline          Front Pictures:  Laser Etched            Back Pictures:  Colored Porcelain          Vases:  Laser Etched

Color:  China Black         Style:  Wing          Lettering:  Frosted         Pictures:  Laser Etched 


Gray Monuments


Colored Granite

Massey, Nichols, Hart:  India Red          Huffman:  Imperial Green          Florence:  Paradiso        Bates:  Bahama Blue           Duncan:  Carnelian Brown   
     Abercrombie:  Redwood            Ritchie:  North American Pink


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